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27. May 2024
Fairtrade Footballs: A Game Changer
The introduction of Fairtrade footballs in collaboration with Balldesigner marks a significant step in ethical merchandising. Fans and supporters now have the opportunity to partake in this initiative, showcasing their pride for the team and their support for fair trade practices. Together, they demonstrate that in football, as in life, how we play the game matters just as much as the final score. · 31. October 2019
Fairtrade Football Collection 1.0
The challenge for Fairtrade football production was to challenge the twin evils of poverty wages and child labour while positively engaging with producer factories to develop best Fairtrade practice.
charity · 12. June 2019
BALLDESIGNER - FC Global Kickers Fairtrade Footballs
FC Global Kickers supporting Global Family “the tourist agency of humanity”. Global Family enables humans in difficult and hopeless situations to have some wonderful holidays.