· 19. July 2023
The Ultimate Soccer Ball with a Grippy Surface
One of the most critical factors in a soccer ball's performance is its grip. The ability to maintain control while dribbling, passing, and shooting is paramount to a player's success on the field. Balldesigner has perfected this aspect by employing innovative materials that deliver an unmatched grip, allowing players to effortlessly maneuver the ball with precision. · 08. January 2020
Instead of using polybag for packing our footballs, Balldesigner will use cotton bag packing starting 2020. Did you know, in Austria alone, more than 100 kg of plastics are carried away by the River Danube every day? · 31. October 2019
Fairtrade Football Collection 1.0
The challenge for Fairtrade football production was to challenge the twin evils of poverty wages and child labour while positively engaging with producer factories to develop best Fairtrade practice.