robotic · 28. February 2024
Welcome to the International Robot Football Cup!
Experience the future of sports like never before at the International Robot Football Cup, where cutting-edge technology and the spirit of competition collide. In this unparalleled event, humanoid robots from around the globe come together to showcase their soccer skills, offering a glimpse into the future of both sports and robotics.
robotic · 08. September 2022
Robotic Personalisation on Sportsball
Soccer Ball Writing with New Robotic Technology | ABB CRB 15000 | Creative Robotics AI Projects
robotic · 02. October 2021
Opening Qatar Office
2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022. This will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world. Visit our new office and showroom in Doha!
robotic · 19. November 2019
SPORTO is the leading sports marketing and sponsorship conference in SEE.