The Trend Towards Sustainable Procurement in German Cities: A Case Study on Fairtrade Footballs in Halle (Saale)

Sustainable Procurement in Germany

Germany has been at the forefront of implementing sustainable procurement policies. Municipalities across the country are increasingly integrating social and environmental criteria into their procurement processes. This shift is supported by various frameworks and guidelines, such as the German Sustainability Strategy and the European Green City Award, which recognize innovative and sustainable urban practices.

The Role of Fairtrade in Sustainable Procurement

Fairtrade is a critical component of sustainable procurement, promoting fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and community development. In the context of municipal procurement, Fairtrade-certified products ensure that the goods and services purchased by public authorities contribute positively to global social and environmental standards.

Halle (Saale) as a Fairtrade City

Halle (Saale) has been a proactive participant in the Fairtrade-Town campaign, consistently meeting the criteria and recently extending its status as a Fairtrade City for another two years. This commitment reflects the city’s dedication to promoting ethical consumption and sustainable development.

Fairtrade Footballs for Schools and Sports Clubs

One of Halle's noteworthy initiatives is the procurement of Fairtrade footballs for local schools, football clubs, and as promotional merchandise. These footballs, designed by Balldesigner, a company specializing in custom Fairtrade sports balls, are not only ethically produced but also serve as a symbol of the city’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade.


The footballs are used extensively in schools and by the local football club, providing students and athletes with high-quality equipment while reinforcing the values of fair trade and sustainability. Moreover, these footballs are also employed as marketing tools, helping to promote Halle's brand as a city dedicated to ethical practices and social responsibility.

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